Brecht, George / Filliou, Robert

Edition (40 Schede)


Code 0075S 1/3   Edition Collective

La Cedille qui Sourit


Published by Städtisches Museum, Mönchengladbach
Texts by G. Brecht and J. Cladders
Cardboard box, 16.5 x 20.5 x 2 cm.
designed in shape of a big matchbox,
containing three leaflets, loose paper pages and
a small regular matchbox, thin cards and documents,
containing metal hooks in shape of a cedille
Signed by the artists and numbered 299/400

Enclosed is an Original Vintage Photograph of Filiou at the opening of the exhibition in Monchengladbach

See also Announcement No. FXC1896 and Document No. FXC1897

Exh.: 2000, Napoli ; 2012, Chiasso.

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