Andersen, Eric and various

Announcement (201 Schede)


Code FXC1647 1/3   Announcement Collective / Performance Collective

Margrethe Fjorden


Documentation of events in Roskilde (second festival)
for Copenhagen's celebrations as the "Cultural City of Europe '96"
Art director : E. Andersen

1. Advertising poster
    Colour offset on paper, 59 x 42 cm.

2. Program of the festival
a. Flyer. Colour offset
    on printed paper, 21 x 30 cm.
b. Folder. Black offset on
    on white paper, 21 x 14.7 cm.

3. Photographic and video documentation
    Archived in "Photographic documentation", No. FXPH0230
    Colour photos by L. Bonotto
    Four videos edited by Kougshaug:
    Video a:        
  - E. Andersen, home and studios
    Video b, c, d:    
  - E. Andersen, "Det nøje planlagte" No. FXPH0058
  - L. Miller, "Either / Or" No. FX1075
  - W. de Ridder, "Mini tur" No. FXPH0059
  - Ib. Nørholm, "Tage driver over engen"  
    played by a 300 persons chorus and a flautist
    on a boat, helicopters dance and parachuters jump
    (Event in the see and in the sky)
  - Y. Hiranaka and E. Andersen,
    concert in Roskilde Cath
  - E. Andersen, L. Miller, W. de Ridder
    and others, "Showing dresses"  
  - Photographic Documentation at the restaurant
    with E. Andersen, W. de Ridder, L. Bonotto

4. T-Shirt
    Printed cotton T-Shirt (XL)