Cage, John Milton Jr. / Kosugi, Takehisa / Mac Low, Jackson / Ono, Yoko / and others

Performance (42 Schede)


Code FXCM0077   Audio Collective

A chance operation. The John Cage tribute


Published by Koch International, New York, 1993
Two Audio CDs

Audio program notes:

CD 1
1-2. Kronos Quartet, "Excerpt from Thirty Pieces for String Quartet", No. FXM0263
3-5. P. Moraz, "Three Dances for two prepared pianos, Dance #1", No. FXM0264
6-14. J. Mac Low & A. Tardos, "First Four-Language Word Event
          in Memoriam John Cage", No.FXCM0285
15-18. C. Wolff & R. Zahab, "Six Melodies Variation for solo violin"
19-26. K. Nordine, "A Cage went in search of a bird"
27-40. E. Brown, "Three solos for trumpet", No. FXM0303
41-48. L. Anderson, "Cunningham Stories (At the age of Twelve..)"
49-52. R. Sakamoto, "Haiku FM"
53-63. L. Austin & R. Black, "art is self-alteration is Cage is.."
64-69. D. Tudor, "Webwork"
70-98. Y. Ono, "Georgia Stone", No. FXM0250
Total Length: 78'06"

CD 2
1-4. L. Anderson, "Cunningham Stories
       (Merce Cunningham phoned his mother)"
5-10. Oregon, "Chance / Choice"
11-18. T. Kosugi, "75 Letters and improvisation", No. FXM0557
19-26. D. Van Tieghem, "Living Room Music", No. FXM0304
27-32. J. Tenney, "Ergodos I for John Cage"
33-39. L. Anderson,  "Cunningham Stories
          (Every Morning..)"
40-50. R. Ashley, "Factory present "
51-55. F. Zappa, "4'33"", No. FXM0305
56-63. J. Cale, "In memoriam John Cage - Call Waiting"
64-78. M. Monk, "Aria", No. FXM0306
79-81. L. Anderson, "Cunningham Stories
           (The Cunningham Company..)"
82-85. "New York City"
Total Length: 58'53"


CD 1

CD 2