Corner, Philip / Neuhausand, Max and Fulkerson, Jim

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Code FXCM0501   Audio Collective

More from the Judson Years (early 60s). Instrumental-vocal works. Vol. 1-2


Published by Alga Marghen, Milan, 2004
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Audio programme notes:
1. Vol.1
a. "Passionate expanse of the law" (1959), No. FXCM0654
     Length: 05'36"
b. "Air effect" (1961), No. FXCM0655
     Length: 08'10"
c. "OM emerging" (1971)
     Length: 21'51''
d.  Prelude to "Lovely Music" (1962), No. FXCM0656
     Length: 21'51"
e. "As pure to begin" (1963), No. FXM0657
     Length: 08'26",
f. "Music, reserved until now" (1963), No. FXM0658
    Length: 14'33"
g. "Composition with or without Beverly" (1962), No. FXM0659
    Length: 11'50"

2. Vol.2
a.  Everything Max Has: as an "Afterward" (1964)
     by Max Neuhaus
     Length: 17'28''
     See also Artist's book, No. 0497E
b. "Big Trombone" (1963) by Jim Fulkerson
     Length: 09'08''
c. "Homage to Revere"(1962), No. FXM0660
     Length: 07'06"
d. "Punkt" (1961), No. FXCM0661
     Length: 11'10"
e. "Passionate expanse of the law" (1972), No. FXCM0654
     Length: 15'45"
f. "Expressions in Parallel" (1958), No. FXCM0662
     Length: 08'56"