Moorman, Charlotte / Paik, Nam June

Edition (43 Schede)


Code 0157S 1/2   Edition Collective

Paper, Cello TV


Published by Pari Editori & Dispari, Cavriago
Two assemblages of a paper cello shape each one
included three photos of performance by Ch. Moorman
at "ex Caserma Zucchi", No. FXCM0220
Handmade on paper signed by N.J. Paik, 129 x 43 cm.
Photos signed by Ch. Moorman and numbered 1/4

1. "Homage to N. J. Paik"
     Three photos of the performance
     "Variations No. 2 on a theme by Saint-Saëns," by N. J. Paik
     See also Video No. FXM0236

2. "Homage to J. Beuys"
     Three photos of the performance by Ch. Moorman
     See also Video No. FXM0231

Exh.: 1998, Naples ; 2000, Naples ; 2002, Turin.

Bibl.: "Fluxus nella sua epoca 1958-1978", exhibition catalogue, Naples, 1998, p.290 ; "Fluxus nella sua epoca", exhibition catalogue, Naples, 2000, p.290 (#2) ; "Nam June Paik e l'invenzione della videoarte", exhibition catalogue, Turin, 2002, p.73.

1. Homage to N. J. Paik

2. Homage to J. Beuys