Moorman, Charlotte / Paik, Nam June and Jud Yalkut

Performance (42 Schede)


Code FXC0716   Performance Collective

Program Notes


1. "Read my letter on both side"
    a. Copy of the letter by N.J. Paik, 14 November 1967
        Printed paper, 29 x 21 cm.
    b. Two b/w photos of the "Action music" by N.J. Paik
        28 x 21.8 cm. each
2. Program notes for films by Jud Yalkut
     in cooperation with N. J. Paik, Ch. Moorman

     Printed black offset on yellow paper, pp. 3

1-2: Part of "Aspen no. 6A - Manipulations"  No. 0100S

3. "Soft transformations"
    Length: 3'52''
    Downloaded on web

1a. "Read my letter on both side"

1a. "Read my letter on both side"

1b. photo

1B. photo

2. Program notes

2 Program notes

2. Program notes