Corner, Philip / Knowles, Alison

Video (45 Schede)


Code FXCM0084   Video Collective / Performance Collective

Performances at Lanificio Bonotto. July 29, 1995


Documentation of the performances and conversation
by P. Corner, A. Knowles and P. Neville
DVD edited by dg Pixel Multimedia Communication

1. Video documentation
a. "Posso passeggiare ascoltando il mondo come un concerto"
    by P. Corner, No. FXM0651
    See also: "Listening Walk", No. FXM0025
b. "Ear/Body", by P. Neville
    and P. Corner, No. FXCPH0548-2b
c. "Mantra for Jessie", by A. Knowles, No. FXM0449-2
    with the collaboration of P. Corner and P. Neville.
d. A conversation by the artists on their own work.
   Signed by P. Corner and P. Neville
   See also: "Interview"
   - P. Corner, No. FXM0564
   - A. Knowels, No. FXM0595

2. Program
    Handwritten on paper by P. Corner, 29.5 x 21 cm.

3. Photographic documentation
    Colored photos, 21.5 x 15 cm.
    Signed with dedication to Luigi

4. Advertising poster
    Graphic designed by J. Rossi
    Colored digital print on cloth, 94 x 194 cm.
    Numbered 1/3 and signed by P. Corner,
    A. Knowles and L. Bonotto