Corner, Philip

Video (9 Schede)

Code FXCPH0548 1/3   Video / Performance

Phoebe dances with Philip


Documentation of the performances:

1. Three collaborations in New York
    Video program notes:
a. "Gong/Ear" at Ethnic Arts, New York, 1991.
     Length: 22'00"
b. "Gong/Ear" at Eden's Expressway, New York, 1992.
     Length: 17'55"
c. "Ear/Body" at Anthology Film Archives, New York, 1994.
     Length: 39'40"
    VHS videotape
    Signed with dedication to Luigi
2. Ear/Body (corporecchio) at Lanificio Bonotto, 1995
a. Photographic documentation by L. Bonotto
    Three colored photos, 21.5 x 15 cm.
    Signed with dedication to Luigi
b. Video documentation.
    Included in "Performances at Lanificio Bonotto", No. FXCM0084-1
    Length: 12'24"
    VHS videotape

3. Ear/Body at Villa Solaria, S. Maria di Rovereto, 1999
    Length: 11'00"
    Part of the series "Hotel Aicha: video", No. FXCM0332