Giorno, John

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John Giorno & Anne Waldman: A Kulchur Selection


Published by Giorno Poetry Systems Records, New York, 1977
Two LP vinyl records

Audio program notes:

Record 1: "John Giorno"
Side 1

- Everyone is a complete disappointment  No. PVM0269
  Length: 25'46"
Side 2
- Drinking the blood of every woman's period  No. PVM0270
  Length: 27'00"

Record 2: "Anne Waldman"
Side 1

- For the voice of Montserrat Caballe, Error, Sisters,
  Plutonium Poem, Billy Work Peyote, Sun the Blonde Out,
  Shaman Hisses You Slide Back Into the Night
  Length: 25'06"
Side 2
- Fast Speaking Woman
- White Eyes
- Musical Garden
Total length: 26'29"