Hutchins, Alice

Edition (4 Schede)

Code 0089E   Edition

Jewelry Fluxkit


Published by Fluxus Editions, New York
Transparent plastic box with the label designed by G. Maciunas
containing magnets, springs, bolts, jingles
6.7 x 6.7 x 5 cm.
Unsigned and unnumbered

See also "Flux labels" No. 0110E

Exh.: 2012, Chiasso ; 2022-2023, Milan.

Bibl.: J. Hendricks, "Fluxus Codex", Detroit-New York, 1988, p.271 ; "ReFlux Editions at Printed Matter", catalogue, New York 2002 ; "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution 1962-2012", Chiasso, 2012, p. 229.

Closed box

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