Ichiyanagi, Toshi

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Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi I, II, III (1960-1987)


Published by Camerata Tokyo, Inc., Tokyo, 1999 - 2000
Three audio CD

1. CD I, 2000
Total length: 55'54"

Audio program notes:
a. Paganini Personal (1982)
    for marimba and piano
    Length: 9'15"
b. Flowers blooming in summer (1982)
    for harp and piano
    Length: 6'53"
c. Two Existence (1980)
    for 2 piano
    Length: 7'27"
d. Scenes II (1978)
    for violin and piano
    Length: 12'08"
e. Cloud Atlas For Piano I (1985-87)
    for piano
    Length: 2'39"
f.  Cloud Atlas For Piano II (1985-87)
   f or piano
    Length: 4'41"
g. Cloud Atlas For Piano III (1985-87)
    for piano
    Length: 2'06"
h. Cloud Atlas For Piano IV (1985-87)
    for piano
    Length: 2'40"
i.  Cloud Atlas For Piano V (1985-87)
    for piano
    Length: 3'45"
l.  Cloud Atlas For Piano VI (1985-87)
    for piano
    Length: 3'54"

2. CD II, 1999
Audio program notes:
a.  Scene III for violin solo
     Length: 11'03"
b.  Cloud Figures for oboe solo
     Length: 8'10"
c.  Hoshi-no-wa for Japanese instrument "sho"
     Length: 12'36"
d.  Time Sequence for piano
     Length: 7'36"

3. CD III, 2000
Audio program notes:
- First CD
a. Music for Electric Metronomes (1960)
    Length: 15'40"
b. Music for String (1961)
    Music for Piano No.2 (1960)
    Music for Piano No.6 (Simultaneous perform.)
    Length: 7'53"
c. Duet (1961), for piano and stringed instrument
    and the string part can be played with violin, viola,
    cello or contrabass
    Length: 12'33"
d. Parallel Music (1962), (electronic music)
    Length: 9'12"
- Second CD
e. Symphony No.5 "Time Perspectives" (1997)
    Length: 9'21"
f. Symphony No.5 "Time Perspectives" (1997)
    Length: 8'27"
g. Piano Concert No.3 "Cross Water Roads" (1991)
    Length: 5'05"
h. Adagio
    Length: 6'47"
i. Allegretto
   Length: 5'30"
l. String Quartet No.3 "Inner Landscape" (1996)
   Length: 13'49"