Knížák, Milan

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Broken Music (1979)


Published by Multhipla Records, Milan, 1988
Assemblage of sounds by W. Marchetti
12'' vinyl record

Audio program notes:
- "Composition No. 1-5"
   Length: 50'22"

Audio also included in:

a.  "Milan Knížák - Broken Music", 1988, No. FXC0179
      Performed by Arditti String Quartet

b.  "Fluxus Anthology. A Collection of
     Music and Sound Events", 1989-1995, No. FXCM0075
     Music realized in 1979
     Length: 3'26"

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.

Bibl.: "Vinyl records and covers by the artists", exhibition catalogue, Bremen, Barcelona, 2005, p.110