Knowles, Alison

Performance (21 Schede)

Code FXM0630 1/4   Performance

Newspaper Event


Documentation of the performance included in:

1. "Film Concerts Fluxus - Nice 1964-1976", No. FXM0136
    Length: 00-05''
    Performers: B. Vautier and various artists

2. "Excellent, 1992" No. FXCM0385
     Length: 01'20''
     Video cassette

3. "...soudain l'étè Fluxus" 2009, No. FXC1763-6b
    Length: 01'38''
    Photographic documentation and DVD
    Performers: B. Vautier, C. Dreyfus, G. Hendricks,
     T. Saito, E. Ferrer, B. Patterson and L. Bonotto

4. "Who will live - will see" 2010, No. FXC1388
     Photographic documentation and DVD
     Performer: B. Vautier