Maciunas, George

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1.  Audio, included in:
     "Fluxus Anthology - 30th Anniversary", 1993  No. FXCM0204
      Length: 43'00"
     Interview by W. Woods. Recorded at Krab Radio,
      Seattle, Washington, Sept. 1977.
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2.  Video, included in:
a. "Some Fluxus", 1991  No. FXCM0389
     Length: 14'35" and 2'43"
     Interview by L. Miller, 1978
b. "The Misfits. 30 years of Fluxus",1993  No. FXCM0338
c.  "Fluxus at 50", 1962-2012, No. FXC9932
     Interview with Jon Hendricks included in a
     film by Hartmut Jahn

3. The Italian version of interview by L. Miller
   Included in "Fluxus Biennial # 01 G. Maciunas", No. FX1373
   pp.15/41, Printed photocopies, 21 x 29.5 cm.