Mac Low, Jackson

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Code FX1266 1/5   Audio / Performance / Edition

1st Milarepa Gatha


1. Score
    a. Large version, 1978
        Published by Edizioni Pari & Dispari, Cavriago
        Silkscreen on cardboard, 56 x 41 cm.
        Signed and numbered 67/200
     b. Small version, 1980
         with 1st Milarepa Ghata Bb clarinet  
        Two printed sheets (both sides), 28 x 22 cm. each
         Originally bound with "Winds" small version
        Archived in ring binder

2. Audio, included in:
    a. Milarepa Gata, 1978
        Published by Edizioni Pari & Dispari, Cavriago
        Recording of world premiere, realized by J. M. Low  
         and Sharow Mattlin speaker-vocalist, in live concert
         at WBAI-FM'S Church Studio N.Y, 1976

    b. "Concert at the Kitchen", 1984, No. FXM0201
    c. "Open Secrets", 1993  No. FXM0035
         Performers: J. Mac. Low and A. Tardos
    d. "Doings. Assorted Performance
, 2005  No. FX1183
3. Video
    Length: 07'20"
     included in "An Anthology", 1978  No. FXM0717
     Web download. Uploaded on Vimeo by Franklin Furnace

World premiere of instrumental realization, is based on the mantra invoking Milarepa, a founder of Tibetan Buddhism and a Boddhisattva. Translitteration of the mantra were placed vertically in successive columns of squares of quadrille paper.

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