Marchetti, Walter

Artist's book (5 Schede)

Code FXM0242 1/5   Audio / Performance / Unique

La Caccia. Quartetto n. 2


1. Score, 1968
     Part of "Arpocrate seduto sul loto", No. FX0292
     Black offset on white paper, 21 x 30 cm.
2. Audio, included in:
     a. "Collana Nova Musicha" n.4, No. FXCM0206
         Published by Cramps Records, Milan, 1974
         Distribute by Ricordi
     b. "Suoni dentro suoni", 1996, No. FXM0063
     c. "Il Divano nell'orecchio", 2010, No. FXM0310 -1
      Audio program notes:
      Side A
       Length: 21'10"
       Side B
       Length: 21'25"
       Performer: W. Marchetti
        Cover: text by G. E. Simonetti
        Photo by Arch/do, Ummarino          
        Signed by the artist on envelope

3. Unique, 1997
    Assemblage of music score and bird calls
    Containing explanations for performers and
    CD with audio installation
    Plexiglas and wood box, 102 x 183 x 19 cm.
    Signed and photo authenticated

4. Photographic documentation, 1974
    Two b/w photos by Ummarino, Fono Roma, Milan
    18 x 24 cm. Signed
    Included in Ring Binder "Walter Marchetti Zaj Actions"

See also Artist's book, 1997, No. FX1792

Exh.:2015, Rome (#2, #3) ; 2019, London (#2, #3).

Bibl.: "Zaj". Exhibition catalogue, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid 1996, p.44; "Walter Marchetti: chronology, catalogue of music and performance works, discography...", exhibition catalogue at Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver 1999, pp.34,124; "Walter Marchetti. Música visible", exhibitions catalogue, Spain 2004, p.196

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