Miller, Larry

Edition (8 Schede)

Code FX1075 1/4   Announcement / Performance / Edition

Creative Time / DNAid


A series of public art projects that address the implications
of today's genetic research on our global futures

1. Genetic copyright certification and burial, 1996
a. Colored photos by L. Bonotto
    Signed by the artist
b. Video documentation
    VHS length: 00'56"
c. Instructions
    Printed paper, 28 x 21.5 cm.
    Signed and dated 2010
Realized during the festival "Margrethe Fjorden", No. FXC1647

2. Universal notice / Original Human / Only One, 1997
    Published by the artist
    Rubber stamp and hairs in plastic envelope
    Realized for the exhibition "Primus Corpus: DNA License"
    Stephen Gang Gallery, New York

3. DNA daily coffee cups, 2000
    Published by the artist    
    Five paper coffee cups printed in black and orange,
    9.8 x 8.5 Ø cm.
    Design by L. Miller, R. Chast, C. Leibowitz/Candyass,
    M. Kalman and T. Tomorrow
    Signed with dedication to Luigi

4. Poster. DNAid Billboard Exhibition, 2000
    Color offset, 56 x 43 cm.

See also "Three generations of Bonotto family "Illuminations", No. 0459
and photographic documentation, No. FXPH0754

Exh: genetical code copyright of Luigi: 2002, Seattle ; 2003, Berkeley ; 2004, Minneapolis ; 2007, Berlin ; 2007, Vilnius ; 2008, Budapest ; 2008, Estonia ; 2008, Krakow ; 2009, Copenhagen ; 2010, Hovikodden, Norway.

Bibl.: "Either /or", exhibition catalogue at Art Gallery Williams Center for the Arts Lafayette College Easton, 1991, Pennsylvania, p.14.

1a. photo

1a. photo

1a. photo

1a. photo

1a. photo

1b. video

1c. instructions

2. Universal notice..

3. coffee cups front

3. coffee cups back

4. Poster