Miller, Larry

Video (1 Schede)

Code FXM0451   Performance

Finger Exercise (1982)


Performance's documentation included in:

1. Some Fluxus, 1991 No. FXCM0389
    Length: 00'50''
    Video cassette, VHS
    Realized during the "Fluxconcert" at Neuberger Museum,
    New York, March 5, 1983

2. Fluxus Media Opera. Original Fluxus & Fluxus in
    the Electronic Media Era
1994 No. FXCM0337
    Length: 03'23''
    Video cassette, VHS and
    Plus two colour photos of Versions 1/3

3. Fluxus Trial. Destructive performances
    for piano & computer
2001  No. FXM0381
    Length: 03'18''
    Video cassette, VHS

4. Fluxsweet 2005  No. FXCM0421
    a. DVD video documentation
        Length: 03'46"
    b. CD audio documentation
        Length: 03'35"
    Realized at Harvestworks, New York.
    Performed by A. Knowles, T. Shimada, K. Gookin, L. Miller