Moorman, Charlotte

Performance (9 Schede)

Code FX0417   Audio / Performance / Edition

Cello Anthology


Published by Alga Marghen, Milan, 2006
Cardboard box, 33 x 33 x 3.5 cm

1. Audio
    Four Audio CDs
    Audio program notes:

   CD 1, "Avant Garde Concert III"
   a. J. Cage, "26' 1.1499 For A String Player"  No. FXCM0391
   b. E. Brown, "Synergy"
   c. G. Chiari "Per Arco"  No. FXM0755
   d. K. Stockhausen "Plus-Minus"
   e. T. Jennings, "Piece For Cello And Saxophone"
   f. T. Ichiyanagi, "Duet II"  No. FXM0746 -a
   Recorded by WBAI-FM in recital for Avant Garde Concert III
   at Judson Hall, New York on December 12, 1964.

   CD 2, "So Langweilig wie Moglich"
   a. S. Bussotti, "Sensitivo #7"  No. FXM0747
   b. E. Brown, "December '52"
   c. G. Chiari, "Ave Maria di Schubert"  No. FXM0748
   d. J. Cage, "26' 1.1499_For A String Player" No. FXCM0391
   e. N. J. Paik, "Cello Sonata Opus 69"  No. FXM0749
       First version of Opera Sextronique
   f. N. J. Paik, "Sonata No. 1 For Adults Only"  No. FXM0750
   g. T. Ichiyanagi, "Duet II" No. FXM0746 -b
   h. N. J. Paik, "Johann Sebastian Bussotti"  No. FXM0751
   Recorded in recital in Aachen (Germany), Theatersaal, July 25, 1966.
   i. T. Ichiyanagi, "Duet II"  No. FXM0746 -c
   Unidentified recording
   l. J. Cage, "26' 1.1499_ For A String Player"  No. FXCM0391
   Recorded onto 12" aluminium base lacquer disc 33 rpm micro groove
   CD 3, "TV Cello"
   Charlotte Moorman / Paul Garrin, "TV Cello Duets"
   N. J. Paik, "Concerto for TV Cello and Videotapes"
   Length: 72'28"
   TV Cello Concert, recorded in Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art
   September 1982
   See also performance, No. FX1051

   CD 4, "The Long Hot Summer"
   a. J. M. Low, "The long Hot Summer"  No. FXM0756
   Recorded at the Second Avantgarde Festival of New York
   September 3, 1964.

   b. Ch. Moorman, "Interview by Harvey Matusow"  No. FXM0752
   Recorded at BBC New York Studios, October 1969.
   c. N. J. Paik / R. Connor, "Waiting for Commercials"  No. FXM0753
   Soundtrack of the videotape "Waiting for commercials"

2. Book
    with original documents, full colour photos and scores
    pp. 154, 26.6 x 26.5 cm.
    Photographs by: Catherine F. Skopic, Dick Preston
    Gianni Bellini, Inge Baecker, Liz Ashburn, Peter Moore
    Schaffler, Tamara Hendershot and Ute Klophaus

3. Announcements
    A set of 16 full colour inserts reproducing the
    original posters and programs of the Annual
    Avant Garde Festival of New York, various sizes
    See also Annual Avant Garde festivals, No. FXC1656