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Feeling the space


1. Two 12'' vinyl records
    Published by Apple Records, London, 1973
2. Re-edition, Audio CD
    Published by Rikodisc,1997
Audio program notes:
-"Growing ain"
  Lenght: 3'49"
-"Yellow girl (Stand by for Life)"
  Lenght: 3'14"
-"Coffin car"
  Lenght: 3'31"
-"Woman of Salem"
  Lenght: 3'09"
-"Run, Run, Run"
  Lenght: 5'07"
-"If only"
  Lenght: 3'43"
-"A thousand time yes"
  Lenght: 3'00"
-"Straight talk"
  Lenght: 3'21"
-"Angry young woman"
  Lenght: 3'53"
-"She hits back"
  Lenght: 3'33"
-"Woman power"
  Lenght: 4'52"
-"Men, Men, Men"
  Lenght: 4'05"
-"I Learned to Stutter"/Coffin car
  Lenght: 6'51"
-"Midred, Midred"
  Lenght: 3'36"

Produced by Y. Ono with Plastic Ono Band
& Something different

Exh.: 2007, Treviso ; 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: Yes Yoko Ono, exhibitions catalogue, New York 2000, p. 340 ; "Sognare", exhibition catalogue, Museo Santa Caterina, Treviso, 2007 ; "Yoko Ono. Half-a-wind show. A Retrospective", exhibition catalogue, New York, 2013, p. 173.

Feeling the space