Simonetti, Gianni-E.

Announcement (13 Schede)

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"Fluxus Concert" Chiasso


Performance concert during
"Fluxus. Una rivoluzione creativa: 1962 - 2012", No. FXC1269
M.A.X. Museo, Chiasso

Video program notes:

-  Performers' preparation
   Duration from 0'00" to 40'30"
-  Concert
   Duration from 40'31" to 111'02"
   G. Brecht, "Solo for violin, viola, cello
                   or contrabass", No. FXM0417 -9
   G. Brecht, "Drip Music", No. FXM0415 -16
   B. Vautier, "Apples", No. FXM0368 -9
   T. Kosugi, "Anima 1", No. FXM0639 -2
   R. Watts, "Two Inches", No. FXM0341 -10
   J. Cage, "Radio Music", No. FXM0262
   T. Kosugi, "Micro 1", No. FXM0296 -10
   N. J. Paik, "One for violin", No. FXM0408 -13
   N. J. Paik, "Pail of Water", No. FXM0265 -5
   Y. Ono's performance
   G. E. Simonetti, "Homage to Alison Knowles"
   J. Cage, "Suite for Toy Piano", No. FXM0169 -3
   G. Maciunas, "In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti", No. FXM0325 -10
   W. Vostell, performance with violin covered by plaster.
   B. Vautier, performance from a H. Lloyd's sketch.
   R. Watts, "Trace for Orchestra", No. FXPH0566 -8
   J. Cage, "Variation IV", No. FXM0548 -3b

Total length: 111'02"

see also: "Simonetti's Fluxus Concerts", No. FXC0958