Tone, Yasunao

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Code FXM0444 1/3   Audio

Yasunao Tone


Published by Slowscan, Netherlands, No. FXC0040
with three different covers:
1. Green label
2. Red label
3. Yellow label
Three transparent vinyl records each numbered  23/50

Audio program notes:
Side A
- "Anagram for Strings", 1961 No. FXM0295
   Length: 6'30", 45 RPM
   Performed by M. Goldstein and T. Kosugi

Side B
- "Geography & Music for Merce Cunningham's", 1979
   Length: 21'29", 33 RPM
   Performed by J. Cage, T. Kosugi, D. Tudor and M. Kalve
See also Audio No. FXM0230

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.