Andersen, Eric

Unique (15 Schede)

Code 0368 1/3   Unique

Brentana in Ca' lungo la Brenta


1. Work
    Assemblage of steel, glass, water circulation motors,
    stones and five CDs with natural sounds
    some registred by the artist:
  - The Sea
  - The true sound of Brenta
  - Thunderstorm
  - Dawn and Dusk
  - Subtropical Rainforest
    Signed, 245 x 165 x 42 cm.

2. Documents and projects
    Letters, sketches in ink on paper.
    Various sizes. Signed
    Included in the second ring binder,
    "Opera with title", No. FX1464

3. Photographic documentation
    Included in "Photographic documentation", No. FXPH0230
    Colour photos by L. Bonotto