Andersen, Eric

Edition (25 Schede)

Code FX1464   Document

Opera with title


Two ring binders containing editions and instructions
for the "Opera" by the artist
Mimeographed sheets with drawings, texts and photos:

  First ring binder:
- Opus 04, No. FX1468-1
  "The duration of the composition is definited"
- Opus 05, No. FX1468-2
  "A concert or a part of a concert is recorded..."
- Opus 06, No. FX1468-3
  "Do and/or don't to something universally"
- Opus 09, No. FX1468-4
  "The frequency a'' ''is played as a violin..."
- Opus 10, No. FX1468-5
  "The following frequencies are played..."
- Opus 14, No. FX1468-6
  "Announce a piece of Art"
- Opus 17, No. FX1468-7
  "Two performers are placed on the stage-on..."
- Opus 18, No. FX1466
  "The following text has to be placed..."
- Opus 19, No. FX0062
   "A Read following poetries for the audience"
- Opus 20, No. FX1465
  "Version at the museum den Frie"
- Opus 21, No. FX1467
  "Perform something at intervals..."
- Opus 22, No. FXM0011
  "Tell the audience that..."
- Opus 23, No. FX0076
  "Performers: 1. A : reading..."
- Opus 24, No. FX1467
  "Sit down during dec.11, 1963"
- Opus 25, No. FX1472 and FX0132
  "Divide the audience into flexible..."
- Opus 27, No. FX1475
  "Interpret the first page and the grand piano..."
- Opus 28, No. FX1467
  "Run around like a half-castrated reindeer"
- Opus 29, No. FX1467
  "Select some objects..."
- Opus 30, No. FX1474
  "Let a person talk about one' or some...."
- Opus 34, No. FX1467
  "To call my compositions by opus and a number"
- Opus 35, No. FX0119
   "Establish an audience prima vista..."
- Opus 36, No. FX1467
  "Write two exactly identical envelopes to..."
- Opus 37, No. FX1474
  "Ask the audience to leave the concertroom..."
- Opus 38, No. FX1474
  "The interlude of "We're gonna be in..."
   See also, No. FX1473
- Opus 39, No. FX1470
  "Atman, Bhakti, Remembrance, the follow..."
- Opus 41, No. FX0766
  "21111... Duration: ad libitum"
- Opus 42, No. FX0125
  "I'll ask you to make ..."
- Opus 44, No. FX1469
  "In Denmark (exactly: 300 m. west for...)"
- Opus 45, No. FX0132
  "Give a man or a group..."  
- Opus 46, No. FX1474
  "This sentence should not be...",
- Opus 47, No. FX1473
  "Four versions of Opus 47"
- Opus 50, No. 0666E and FX0119
  "Place the palms of your hand side..."
- Opus 51, No. FX1470
  "I have confidence in you: ..."
- Opus 52, No. FX1470-3
  "3 or 4 people in 1 row"
- Opus 53, No. FX1470-4
  "The pieces should be performed by 2 viol..."
- Opus 1965 1/2, No. FX1142
  "is a 16 mm film you can get in 5..."

  Second ring binder:
- "To Dick and Achilleus", No. FXM0377
- "Systembolaget", No. FX1361
- "Stands", No. FX1551
- "Boxing", No. 0493
- "Performance Prot. No. 173/Ris and  
    No. 178/Ris", No. FX0735
- "Place the chosen tautology", No. FX1364
- "Don't do anything to this very nice
    card but mail it", No. FX1329
- "Tolerance typing, printing,
    lay-out 6 m m", No. FX1360-1b
- "Tolerance language, time" No. FX1360-3
- "Tolerance m m", No. FX1360-4
- "New Section", No. FX1367
- "Finish it", No. FX1362
- "An object to use", No. FX1369
- "Decision-Set", No. FX1496
- "Tavola seducente", No. 0663
- "Postcards (1967)", No. 0491E
- "Brentana", project, No. 0368
- "Bussines cards", No. FX1368
- "Paradiso per il naso di Luigi", No. 1454E
- "Seated passers-by", No. FX1126
- "Gentle proposals", No. FX0599
- "Gadgets", No. 0223
- "The Last Request", No. FX0136
- "A Survival Kit for Pro- and Epilogue", No. FX0137
- "Fluxus by 10 hands, 10 legs and 10 heads", No. FX5466
- "Pianist hide - Away", No. 0221E

ring binders