Arias-Misson, Alain

Unique (26 Schede)

Code PV0402 1/2   Performance / Unique

The Chomsky Generative Grammar Pulic Poem


From the series "The Public Poems"  No. PV1163
Performance realised in Brussels, Belgium

1. Video

2. Photographic documentation (1972), 2012
    9 digital prints on cardboards
    Each 21 x 29.5 cm.
    The first photo has an handwritten
     description by the artist

3. Work, 1973
    2 collages and prints on canvas
    60 x 80 cm. Signed

Bibl: AA.VV. "Alain Arias-MIsson: The Public Poem Extension Program", Fondazione Berardelli, BS, 2011