Blaine, Julien

Unique (45 Schede)


Code PV2453 1/4   Video / Performance / Unique

La Pythie claustrophobe


1. La Pythie Claustrophobe
     Performance at "Casabianca", Malo, 1984
     Composition of 5 b/w photos
     Photos by F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
     28 x 86 cm.

2. La Pythie Claustrophobe - L'Oracle de Bassano, 2000
    Performance during the opening day of
    "Sentieri interrotti", No. FXC0435
    a. Video
        Length: 04'45"
    b. Relics
        Clothes and mixed media on paper
        727 x 129.5 cm. Signed
    c.. Panel
         Sixteen b/w photos by F. Garghetti
         24 x 18 cm. each (panel: 100 x 75 cm.)
         Signed and dated
    d. Photographic documentation
         Eight b/w photos by F. Garghetti, 11 x 16 cm. each

3. La Pythie Claustrophobe, 2003
     Performance at Adriano Parise house
     a. Video
         Including in: "La Perf en Fin", No. PV0625
     b. Photographic documentation
         2 colour photos, 15 x 21 cm. each