Paik, Nam June / Ginsberg, Allen

Edition (43 Schede)


Code 0012S   Edition Collective



Published by Noda, New York
Two different silkscreens printed
on one black paper sheet, 56 x 53 cm.
Signed and numbered 111/250

-  Nam June Paik, "Untitled" (Recto)
-  Allen Ginsberg, "Orwell Oh Well it's only 1983" (Verso)

Benefit print realized to support the satellite event "Good Morning Mr. Orwell", No. FXC0003

See also Edition No. 0522E, Video FXM0703 and Book FX1110

Bibl: Nam June Paik, "Beuys Vox 1961-1986", Ed. Won Gallery and Hyunday Gallery, Seoul, pp. 63-66

N. J. Paik

A. Ginsberg