Brecht, George / Knowles, Alison / Watts, Robert

Periodical (56 Schede)


Code FXC0774   Periodical Collective

Scissor Bros. Warehouse


Newspaper for event "Scissor Bros. Warehouse"
Rolf Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles
Black offset on beige paper, printed on both sides,
46.3 x 17.8 cm.
Included in "George Brecht events scores sheets and cards"

In 1963, Alison Knowles, Robert Watts and George Brecht collaborated in the Scissors Brothers Warehouse show,
commonly referred to as BLINK. This eighteen inch square print consisted of three images chosen at random, one selected by each artist. The image appeared on everything from canvases to bathing suits and hair brushes, and were all sold at flea markets

Bibl.:"Fluxus etc.", exhibition catalogue, Cranbrook Art Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills Michigan 1981, p. 233, No. 547.