Cobbing, Bob / Novák, Ladislav / and others

Performance (23 Schede)

Code PVCM0602   Audio Collective

Text-Sound-Compositions 5. A Stockholm Festival 1969


Published by Fylkingen Records, Stockholm
12" vinyl record

Audio program notes:

Side A
- B. E. Johnson, "1/1 1969; Through the Mirror of Thirst
  (first passage)"
- G. Gils, "Vocal exploration No 2"
   Length: 22'00"

Side B
- B. Cobbing, "Whisper piece No. 4. "Whississippi" No. PVM0605
- I. Laaban, "Tre Brev Från Den Dove"
- L. Novák, "Vita Humana" No. PVM0606
- C. H. Lille, "Still life, Q*"
   Length: 22'23"

See also Audio no. PVCM0215, PVCM0006 and PVCM0601


Side A

Side B