Cobbing, Bob and others

Audio (99 Schede)

Code PVCM3052   Audio Collective

Slowscan Vol. 36


Published by Slowscan, Netherlands, No. FXC0040
12" vinyl record

Audio program notes:
  Side A
- Bob Cobbing, Helmer Bodil, "Trigram (Trilogy four)"
- Bob Cobbing, Lawrence Upton, "A round dance"
- Bob Cobbing, François Dufrêne, "Slowly, Slowly, the tongue unrolls"
  Length: 21'18"
  Side B
- Bob Cobbing, François Dufrêne, "Computer Poem"
- Peter Finch, Bob Cobbing, "Blue"
- Peter Finch, "Miss Skin"
- Peter Finch, "Four times as many"
- Peter Finch, "Seasonal Cycle"
  Length: 21'49"