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Parole sui muri. Fiumalbo


1. Documents on 1st "Parole sui Muri", 1967

a. Letter of invitation by Comune di Fiumalbo
   (with envelope adress to Arrigo Lora Totino)
   Printed paper, 28 x 22,5 cm.

b. Circular letters of invitation to video projections
   Two mimeographed paper, 33 x 22,5 cm each

c. Letter to Lora Totino by Mario Molinari
   Handwritten, signed and dated September 2nd, 1967
   Headed folded paper, 21,5 x 16 cm.

d. Photographic documentation
   Several b/w photos of different sizes (by Franco Vaccari, Ugo Locatelli,
   M. Alocco and others). Some of they have handwritten notations on back

e. Newspaper copies with articles on "Parole sui Muri":
    - "Gazzetta dell'Emilia", July 28, 1967
    - "Gazzetta dell'Emilia", August 10, 1967
    - "Gazzetta dell'Emilia", August 18, 1967
    - "Libri" insert of "Paese Sera", August 25, 1967
    - "Gazzetta dell'Emilia", August 30, 1967
    - "The International Times" no. 19, October 5-20, 1967

f. Artworks and artist's documents
    - William Xerra, "Untitled" . No. 0069E
      Printed paper, 72 x 51 cm.

See also Announcement No. PVC0861
and Video No. PVM0284

2. Documents on 2nd "Parole sui Muri", 1968

a. Press realese by Comune di Fiumalbo
  with biographies of partecipants
  11 mimeographed pages, 33 x 22 cm.

b. Photographic documentation of 2nd "Parole sui muri"
   Several b/w photos of different sizes

c. Newspaper copies with articles on "Parole sui Muri":
   - "Corriere del giorno", August 11, 1968

d. Artworks and artist's documents
   - Ugo Locatelli, "Pericolo generico autoadesivo. Reportage Fiumalbo 1968"
     Folded printed paper, 54 x 5 cm.
   - Arrigo Lora Totino and Piero Fogliatti
     "Istruzioni per produrre Musica liquida" No. PVC2285/1
     Typewritten on yellow paper, 28 x 22 cm.
   - Arrigo Lora Totino and Piero Fogliatti
     "Poesia Liquida"  No. PVC2285/2
     Typewritten on white paper, 29,5 x 21 cm.
   - Alberto Spagnoli, "Questo l'ho fatto io (reprint)"
     Printed paper, 61 x 21 cm.

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Announcement No. PVC2859

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