Filliou, Robert

Edition (27 Schede)

Code 1223E 1/7   Edition

7 childlike uses of warlike material


Published by Hartmut Kaminski, Düsserldorf
Cover and seven serigraphed sheets, 49.3 x 69.3 cm.
each signed and numbered 83/100  

1. "A saw could be a submarine"
2. "A nail could be a missile"
3. "A shirt could be a uniform"
4. "An old  can could be a tank"
5. "Sticks of wood could be guns"
6. "Old newspapers could be bureaucratic documents"
7. "Something burnt out could be a bonfire"

Bibl.: S. Jouval, "Robert Filliou: catalogue raisonné des éditions & multiples", livres et videos, Dijon, 2003, No. 43.


1. A saw..

2. A nail..

3. A shirt..

4. An old..

5. Sticks..

6. old...

7. Something