Gut, Elisabetta

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Code 3067E 1/3   Edition

Works for "Bricolage"


Published by Ixidem, Milan
Different techniques, 30 x 21 cm. each

1. "L'air de l'eau", 1997
     Mixed media on paper. Signed
     Included in "Bricolage no. 4 Terza serie", No. PVC2503

2. "Untitled", 1998
     Serie of 4 laser print on paper
     Signed and numbered 77/100
     Included in "Bricolage no. 1 Quarta serie", No. PVC3055

3. "Plume solitaire éperdue", 1998
     Laser print on paper
     Signed and numbered 86/100
     Included in "Bricolage no. 2 Quarta serie", No. PVC3056

1. L'air de l'eau

2. Untitled

3. Plume solitaire éperdue