Hendricks, Geoffrey

Unique (16 Schede)

Code FXM0627 1/2   Performance



Documentation of the performance
realised during fluxconcert:

1. "...soudain l'étè Fluxus", No. FXC1763-6
     Performed by G. Hendricks, B. Vautier and others
     Photographic documentation and DVD

2. "Fluxus at 50, 1962-2012", No. FXC0007-3c
     Performed by B. Vautier
     Film by Hartmut Jahn

B. Vautier announced that it was a performance
of G. Hendricks, who has used handshaking in performance,
but it should be noted that T. Saito also has a score "Shake hands"

See also "Photographic and video documentation, No. FXPH0544