Hendricks, Geoffrey

Edition (18 Schede)

Code 0360E 1/3   Edition

Elemental Bottles (Or how to Catch a Bird)


Published by the artist:

1. Project, 1993
    Colour pencil drawing and instructions
    on white paper, 21 x 29.7 cm.

2. Video, 1994
     "Elemetal Bottles (or How to Catch a Bird)"
     Recorded in Molvena
     Video cassette VHS and DVD copy
     Massimo Lunardon, glass blower, making G. Hendricks'  
      Cameramen: G. Hendricks and Andrea Anastasio

3. Work, 1994
    Realized by Massimo Lunardon, Molvena
    Blown glass bottles containing wood ashes, grappa,
    earth, wood (roots) and drinking glass suspended in
    piece of net used to catch small birds,
    in plexiglass box, 37.5 x 35 x 10 cm.
    Two copies: Signed and numbered 10/12
                        Signed and numbered 12/12

4. Photo documentation, No. FXPH0544
  Various photos by L. Bonotto

1. Project

1. Project

2. Video

3. Work

4. Photo documentation