Jones, Joe

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Code FXM0168   Performance

Duet for Brass Instruments (1970)


1. "Letter to Willem de Ridder"
     Handwritten by G. Maciunas, No. FX0471-1

Video and photo documentation included in:

2. "Fluxus nel Veneto" 1995 No. FXC0177-4
     Length: 01'52''
     Video cassette, VHS
     Performer B. Patterson

3. "Fluxus Constellation" 2002  No. FXC0494
     Three b/w photos signed by G. Hendricks and
     photograph F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
     24 x 30 cm. each
     Performers B. Patterson and L. Miller

4. "Saitama Once Only Fluxus Ensemble" 2004 No. FXM0531
    Length: 02'42''
    Performers: Ben Patterson and others

5. "ReFluxus. Festival delle Avanguardie..." 2006  No. FXCPH0003
     Colour photos, various sizes
     One photo signed by B. Patterson
     Performer B. Patterson

1. Letter

2. video

3. photo

3. photo

3. photo

4. video

5. photo

5. photo

5. photo