Knowles, Alison

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Code FXPH0065 1/2   Video / Performance

Identical lunch (1967)


1. Scores
   a Blind Lunch score (from the Identical Lunch collection)
       Typescript on paper, 28 x 21,5 cm.
   b. Blind Lunch (performance based on The Identical Lunch)
       Typescript on paper,28 x 22 cm.
       with handwritten correction in pencil and signed
       Archived in ring binder

2. Photographic documentation Included in:
   a. Art Action 1958-1998, Canada, 1998
        B/w photo signed by F. Garghetti No. FXC0017
        Performer: L. Miller
   b. Wiesbaden Fluxus anniversaries
        I - Flyer signed by Ben Patterson
        II - Photographic documentation by Luigi Bonotto
        III - Video documentation  
            Length: 00'22''

See also Document No. FXPH0754
and Artist's book No. FX0105



2.a - Art Action

2.b-I - Flyer

2.b-II - Photo

2.b-III - Video