Maciunas, George

Document (12 Schede)

Code FX1575   Announcement

Fluxus Internationale. Festspiele Neuester Musik (1962)


Advertising flyer of the Festival at
Horsaal des Stadtischen Museums, Wiesbaden
Designed by G. Maciunas

a. Re-edition
    Black offset on orange paper, 28 x 20 cm., 1992
    Front: program
    Back: reproduction of a photograph from the evening
    by Manfred Leve "New-Dada in der Musik" on 16 June,
   1962 at the Kammerspiele, Düsseldorf

b. Facsimile of the original
    Digital re-print on white paper, 42 x 30 cm., 2010

c.  Newspaper clipping
     Unidentified German newspaper, 23 x 15 cm.
     September 11, 1962

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Exh.: 2000, Bassano del Grappa ; 2009, Paris ; 2010, Moscow ; 2012, Chiasso.

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