Maciunas, George

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G. Maciunas und Fluxus Editionen


Catalogue published by
Galerie Edition Hundertmark, No. 0038S
Black and transparent plastic box, 17 x 16 x 2.5 cm.
containing copies of posters, newspapers and texts of the artists:

- La Monte Young:
  "Compositions 1961" No. FX1421

- G. Maciunas:
  "Fluxmail list" 1975, No. FX0877
  "Biographical data" 1976
  "FluXuS  Internationale  FesTsPiELe..." 1962, No. FX1575
  "Brochure prospectus for Fluxus yearboxes"
   1962, No. FX0465
  "Ekstra Bladet / Politiken" 1963, No. FX1091
  "In memoriam to Adriano Olivetti" 1963, FXM0325
  "Fluxus (its historical development..... )"
   1966, No. FX0871
  "Fluxmanifesto (fragment) / Fluxusmanifesto..."
   1965, No. 0019E
  "Fluxmanifesto" 1966, No. FX0072
  "Pancake event" 1969, No. FXPH0682
  "Business cards" 1967, No. FX1347
  "Fluxpaper events" 1976, No. FXC0325
  "Fluxpost, smiles" 1978, No. 0788E

- G. Maciunas and G. Brecht:
  "No smoking" 1973, No. FXC1766

- G. Chiari:
  "La strada" 1964, No. 0166E

- B. Vautier:
  "The postman's choice" No. 0684E

Exh.: 2022-2023, Milan.