Marchetti, Walter

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Code FX2547   Performance / Unique

Musica da camera No.190 (1983)


1. Work
Assemblage, 2004
felt, painting and violin, 260 x 155 cm.
Exposed during the exhibition "Música visibile" Spain 2004

2. Photographic documentation
Colored photo, 30 x 20 cm., 1996
signed by F. Garghetti No. FXC0017
Performance by W. Marchetti during the festival "Sin Número.Arte de Acción"
at Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, 1996

Included in Ring Binder "Walter Marchetti Zaj Actions"

Bibl.: "Walter Marchetti. Música visible", exhibition catalogue, Spain 2004, p.135.

1. Work

2. Colored photo