Ono, Yoko

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Code FX1235   Announcement / Performance



1. Video
    Videos presented in Venice 2004 and Treviso, 2007
   "I Love You" by repeatedly blinking the light
    in the frequencies and the duration required
    for a message
    Length: 09'09''

2. Poster, Venice 2004
    Colored offset on white paper,
    97.7 x 68 cm.

3. Four Onochord torches
    - Onorchord for Henninsvaer
      How to send an onochord message
      with the torch
      Printed paper, 21x 15 cm.
       a. Venice, 2004    
       b. Treviso, 2007
       c. The University of Akron, 2007
       d. Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State Collage, Florida, 2014
       White torch with black printed inscription,
       8 x Ø 1.2 cm.each
       Unnumbered and unsigned
     Included in No. FX0987-2
4. Photo, Venice 2009
    Three color photos, 24 x 30.5 cm.
    Signed by F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
    Performance realized by the artist at the Arsenale
    Theatre in Venice while receiving the Golden
    Lion award for lifetime achievement.

1. video

2. poster

3. Onochord for Hennunsvaer

3. a-b Edition



4. photo

4. photo

4. photo