Paik, Nam June

Unique (2 Schede)

Code FXM0409 1/6   Performance

Zen for Head


Photographic and video documentation included in:

1. Wiesbaden Fluxus
    Wiesbaden 1962, No. FXCM0390
    Performer: N. J. Paik
    Video cassette
    Length: 00'35

2. Fluxus intérieur 16mm 1964-1972, No. FXM0136
  - Performer: Ben Vautier, Nice 1964
    length: 00'33"
  - Performer: Ben Vautier, Nice 1970
    Length: 00'32"

3. Excellent 92
    Copenhagen 1992, No. FXCM0385
    Performer: B. Vautier
    Video cassette
    Length: 00'25"

4. Sentieri Interrotti
    Bassano del Grappa 2000, No. FXC0663
    Performers: various artists
    Photographic documentation and DVD

5. ReFluxus. Festa delle avanguardie 1973/2006
    Asolo 2006, No. FXCPH0003
    Performers: B. Patterson and others
    Photographic documentation and DVD
    Three photos signed by B. Patterson

6. Flux for m.a.x.
    Chiasso 2012, No. FXC1269
    During "Fluxus. Una rivoluzione creativa: 1962 - 2012"
    Performers: G. Hendricks
    Video and photographic documentation
    Length: 00'53"

Interpretation by N.J.Paik of "Composition 1960 No 10 to Bob Morris"
by La Monte Young, No. FXPH0001