Simonetti, Gianni-E.

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"Fluxus Concert" Ivrea and "Kissed by Maciunas", Milan


Realized and curated by V. G. Lassandro and S. Montani
Length: 56'51''

Sala Cinema del Centro Culturale, La Serra
Realized during "Fluxus-Box, Ivrea", No. FXC0662
- Homage to John Cage, Variation IV, No. FXM0548 -3a
  Duration from 0'00" to 04'22"
- Performers' preparation
  Duration from 04'23" to 35'10"
- Fluxus Concert:
  B. Vautier, performance from a H. Lloyd's sketch.
  R. Watts, "Trace for Orchestra", No. FXPH0566
  J. Cage, "Suite for Toy Piano", No. FXM0169 -3
  W. Vostell, performance with violin covered by plaster.
  N. J. Paik, "One for violin", No. FXM0408 -9
  Duration from 35'11" to 52'38"

Fluxus dinner at Naba, realized during "Kissed by Maciunas
Fluxus and the changing of the arts - First step"
Duration from 52'39" to 56'51"

See also: "Simonetti's Fluxus Concerts", No. FXC0958