Simonetti, Gianni-E.

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Code FX1310   Video

Fluxus Events, Venice


Video documentation of performance concerts during
"The Small Utopia. Ars Moltiplicata", No. FXC1676
Fondazione Prada, Ca' Corner della Regina, Venice
Length 19'57"

Video program notes:

- Performers' preparation
  Simonetti's explications
  and performance's extracts
  Duration from 00'00" to 04'57"

- Concert I, Saturday 1 September
  Duration from 04'58" to 10'37"
  G. E. Simonetti, Homage to Shozo Shimamoto and
                           F. Kafka's "Josephine the Singer,
                           or the Mouse Folk" see also: No. FX1382  
  B. Vautier, "Apples", No. FXM0368 -9
  G. Brecht, "Solo for violin, viola, cello
                   or contrabass", No. FXM0417 -10
  T. Schmit, "Zyklus for water-pails", No. FXM0480 -7
  G. E. Simonetti, "Homage to Alison Knowles"      
  T. Kosugi, "Micro 1", No. FXM0296 -11
  Y. Ono's performance
  T. Kosugi, "Anima 1", No. FXM0639 -3
  J. Cage, "Radio Music", No. FXM0262 -2
  B. Vautier, "Bread & Butter for Luigi", No. FXM0368 -68
  G. Maciunas, "In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti", No. FXM0325 -11
  G. E. Simonetti, first realization of G. Maciunas' performance
                           project of put up for auction one Fluxus object.

- Concert II, Sunday 2 September
   Duration from 10'38" to 16'44"
   J. Cage, "Variations II", No. FXM0548 -2
   W. Vostell, performance with violin covered by plaster.
   luci e lancio aereoplanini di carta
   G. E. Simonetti, "Vegetables Music"
   J. Cage, "Variations IV", No. FXM0548 -3c
   J. Cage, "Suite for Toy Piano", No. FXM0169 -3
   N. J. Paik, "One for violin", No. FXM0408 -10
   N. J. Paik, "Pail of Water", No. FXM0265
   J. Cage, "Water Walk Sounds of Venice"
   N. J. Paik, "Zen for Head", No. FXM0409

- FluxDinner, Friday 7 September, No. FXM0093
   Duration from 16'45" to 19'57"
see also: "Simonetti's Fluxus Concerts", No. FXC0958