Vaccari, Franco

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Code 2320E   Artist's book

Real time exhibition no. 22: Artist's Atelier


- Artist's book
  Cardboard folder, 12.5 x 14 cm
  containing an unnumbered pages booklet
  and a CD with photos from the exhibition
  at Giorgione's house, Castelfranco Veneto

  Franco Vaccari invited the artists linked to internet to
  participate in the "Artist's atelier-real time exhibition No.22"
  The project consisted of a collection of documents on
  "Artist's ateliers" sent via Internet to:
  This material was shown on a widescreen during the exhibition

  Two copies:
  Numbered 50/50 and signed in 1997
  Numbered I / L and signed in 2009

  Fluxus and Zaj artists attending:
  - E. Andersen, No. FX1440
  - P. Corner, No. FX0887
  - K. Friedman, No. FX1442
  - Al Hansen, No. FX1443
  - G. Hendricks, No. FX1444
  - A. Kaprow, No. FX1447
  - M. Knížák, No. FX1448
  - A. Knowles, No. FX1436
  - T. Kosugi, No. FX1449
  - G. Metzger, No. FX1450
  - L. Miller, No. FX1439
  - N. J. Paik, No. FX1451
  - B. Patterson, No. FX1452
  - T. Saito, No. FX1453
  - M. Shiomi, No. FX1454
  - D. Spoerri, No. FX1455
  - W. Vostell, No. FX1456
  - R. Watts, No. FX1458
  - E. Williams, No. FX1459
  - B. Vautier, No. FX1460
  - Y. Wada, No. FX1457
  - Zaj, E. Ferrer, No. FX1441
  - Zaj, J. Hidalgo, No. FX1445
  - Zaj, W. Marchetti, No. FX1438
  - D. Higgins, No. 0187

  Visual Poetry artists attending:
  - V. Accame, No. PV1416
  - A. Arias-Misson, No. PV1417
  - G. Baruchello, No. PV1418
  - M. Bentivoglio, No. PV1419
  - J. Blaine, No. PV1420
  - I. Blank, No. PV1421
  - U. Carrega, No. PV1422
  - L. Caruso, No PV1423
  - G. Fontana, No. PV1424
  - C. Francia, No. PV1425
  - E. Gut, No. PV1426
  - E. Isgrò, No. PV1427
  - A. Lora-Totino, No. PV1429
  - S. M. Martini, No. PV1430
  - E. Miccini, No. PV1431
  - Miles, No. PV1432
  - M. Nannucci, No. PV1433
  - A. Oberto, No. PV1434
  - G. Pavanello, No. PV1435
  - G. Pellegrini, No. PV1436
  - L. Pignotti, No. PV1437
  - G.P. Roffi, No. PV1438
  - Sarenco, No. PV1439
  - L. Tola, No. PV1440
  - K. Trinkewitz, No. PV1441
  - R. Vitone, No. PV1442
  - W. Xerra, No. PV1443

- Letter of invitation from the artist
  Floppy 3,5

- Photographic documentation of Artist's Atelier, 1996
  Series of coloured photos, various sizes

- Exhibition poster
  Casa del Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto
  September 21 - October 21, 1996
  Color digital printed, 69 x 33 cm

See also Announcement, No. PV2574