Vautier, Ben

Document (10 Schede)

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Le tas d'esprits


Documentation from the vernissage with the events
from six Galleries and other places in Paris,
each one with its own theme, 21/23 september 2006
During the vernissage B. Patterson performed
the work "Arte italiana" for Luigi, No. 0472

1. Invitation card
    Black offset on white paper, 15 x 10 cm.
    See also "Announcements and invitation cards", No. FX0198, No. FX0372

2. Booklet
    Black offset on white paper, pp. 12, 21 x 15 cm.

3. Catalogue
    pp. 128, 21 x 21 cm.
    See also: "Catalogues", No. FX1291

4. Poster
    Black offset on white cardboard, 59 x 42 cm.
    See also: "Posters and flyers", No. FX0681
5. T-shirt
    Cotton T-shirt, XL size
    See also "T-shirts", No. 1299E

6. Photographic documentation
    Colour photos, various sizes

7. Documentation of the Galleries
a. Galerie Lara Vincy
    Poster, colour offset,
    printed on both sides, 41.8 x 29.5 cm.
b. Galerie Incognito
    Brooch, Ø 3 cm., No. 0192E
c. Galerie Christine Phal
    Invitation card, 15 x 21 cm.
d. Galerie 1900 - 2000
    Paper bag with black writing "Pas d'Art"
    45 x 37 cm.
e. Marie Sochor
    "Texte à chier"

"Arte italiana"

1. Card

2. Booklet

3. Catalogue

4. Poster

5. T-shirt

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

6. photo

7.a poster

7.b Brooch

7.c card

7.d bag

7.e text