Shiomi, Mieko

Edition (15 work / s)

Code 1225E   Artist's book / Edition

Spatial Poem No. 4 "Shadow Event" (1971)


Published by Galerie und Edition A. Hundertmark, No. 0038S

1. Shadow Event No. X, Edition Box no. 135
    Two serigraphs on acetato with instruction text and inside the
    frame one compass and one external pen light, 26 x 32 cm.
    Edition numbered 58/80

2. Shadow Event No. Y, Artist's Book
    Eight offset pages, with an instruction text and
    a serigraphy on transparent paper, 15 x 11 cm.
    Part of No. No. 0038S

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"Spatial Poems No. 1-2-3", No. 1227E and
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1. No. X

2. No. Y