Andersen, Eric

Edition (25 work / s)

Code 0491E 1/2   Video / Edition

Postcards (1967)


1. Postcards
    Published by the artist
    Four colours postcards:
   a. Small version, 9.3 x 14.4 cm.
   b. Large version, 14.5 x 20.5 cm.

2. Video
    Distribution of the postcards during
    the opening of "...soudain l'étè Fluxus", 2009
Each version contains one signed edition sold for 5 euros
and one unsigned edition sold for 10 euros.

Archived in the second ring binder, "Opera with title", No. FX1464

1a. front Postcard

1a. back Postcard

1b. postcard

2. Video