Brecht, George / Watts, Robert

Edition (43 work / s)


Code 0009S   Edition Collective

Lantern extract, an aspect of Yam festival


A Mail Art piece
Printed mailed envelope, 24 x 10.5 cm.

1. Nine event score cards by R. Watts, No. FX1527
    - "Event for a Whole Year, one year" green paper
    - "Winter Event, antifrizee" azure paper
    - "Mailbox Event, open mailbox, close eyes..." gold paper
    - "Xmas Event, send a yam this year" silver paper
    - "Winter Event, snow" peach paper
    - "Subway Event" beige paper
    - "Casual Event" pink paper
    - "No Event" blue paper
    - "Snow Event, winter" bordeaux paper

2. Eight event score cards by G. Brecht
    - Egg, No. FX1533
    - Three dances, No. FX1532
    - A Christmas play, No. FX0543
    - Chair event, No. FX1535
    - Event, No. FX1536
    - Three lamp event, No. FX1534
    - Intermission, No. FX1539
    - Six exhibits, No. FX1549

Included in "George Brecht events scores sheets and cards"

See also "Yam festival calendar and newspaper", No. FXC1588

Bibl.: "George Brecht Events, Eine Heterospektive. A heterospective", exhibition catalogue, Cologne, 2005, p. 93.