Edition (43 work / s)


Code 0043S   Edition Collective

Hommage à Artur Köpcke


Portfolio published by Den Danske Radeerforening, Copenhagen
Black cloth portfolio-box, 53 x 43.5 x 3.5 cm.100 exemplaries
Each work is handsigned and numbered
Containing 18 mixed media works
(etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, offset and serigraphs
in combination with collages, assemblages and
rubberstamp-imprints) in different  formats
by the following artists:

- E. Andersen, "Wastebasket", No. 0150E
- J. Beuys, "Untitled", No. 0233E
- G. Brecht, "Stamp out Stamping", No. 0330E
- H. Christiansen, "Yes! he is dead on the line", No. 0260E-1
- H. Christiansen, "Stranger on the Shore", No. 0260E-2
- R. Filliou, "Imitating the song of a bird", No. 1219E
- L. Gosewitz, "Addi Köpke", No. 2629E
- Al Hansen,"I saw Addi yesterday on W. Brodway", No. 0242E
- P. Kirkeby, "The Painter and his Model", No. 1415E
- B. af Klingberg, "Bootlifting for Addi", No. 0840E
- A. Knowles, "Bruna Bönar", No. 0624E
- B. Nørgaard, Untitled
- N. J. Paik, "I learned from my sister how to open...", No. 0523E
- T. Schmit, "Geschichte", No. 0389E
- D. Spoerri, "I do not want to partecipate", No. 0373E
- B. Vautier, "Oh Ben you are stupid...", No. 1298E
- W. Vostell, "Die Fluxisten sind die Falken der K...", No. 1477E
- B. Watts, "Cloud Music for Addie", No. 1214E




J. Beuys

G. Brecht



R. Filliou

Al Hansen

P. Kirkeby



B. Nørgaard

N. J. Paik

T. Schmit

D. Spoerri

B. Vautier

W. Vostell

B. Watts